Exotic & Eclectic Landscaping Ideas

Design Elements
Color PaletBold and bright
ShapesMix & match
TexturesAnything goes!
Add-onsWater feature, lush greenery

If you’re going to go bold, go all the way. It’s called maximalism and the motto is, “more is more”. High-contrast shades and shapes satisfy a penchant for audacity and an eye for the adorned. Checkerboard-style layouts act as flashy foundations that invite polished, smooth and chiselled textures to meet and mingle at the black-tie-optional party. Or perhaps your thoughts lean more towards salty oceans and sandy beaches? Surround yourself amongst beach-sand textures and soft, natural shades. Whether your dream getaway is in the south of France or a desert island, your backyard reality awaits you.

Tropical Poolside

Featured products

  • patio paver slabs Inca dalle de patio A00378 5690
  • Inca Slab HD2 Riviera
Patio Slabs
Large limestone inspired patio stones/outdoor tiles great around pool decks, walkways and patios.

  • outdoor steps and stairs Rocka Step marches extérieurs A00425 05 290
Stone Steps
Build natural-looking outdoor stone stairs with these large pre-cut stone steps.

Nothing conjures up a perfect tropical patio quite like turquoise water, vibrant flora and striking stones inspired straight out of ancient South American landscapes. Tropical greenery provides the perfect shade to lounge alongside a sun-drenched pool, completing that cool, island vibe. Margaritas optional.

Sea and sand beachy backyard

Featured products

  • patio paver slabs Ocean Grande dalle de patio DSC3463
  • Ocean Grande Slab HD2 Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Ocean Grande
Large scale patio stone inspired by sandy beaches. Anti slip texture makes it perfect for pool deck s. ... See More Read Less

Turn your summer vacation into a staycation and create your own coastal right-in-your-own backyard getaway. Hang tight and hang out in your own cool and coastal sanctuary, complete with ocean-inspired slabs, designed to be slip-resistant and kinder to the feet under the hot summer rays. Set up some nautical-themed lounge seating so you can soak up the sunsets.



Desert & Dunes

Featured products

  • patio paver slabs Dunes dalle de patio DSC3592
  • Dunes Slab HD2 Riviera
Patio Slabs
Large 11x23 patio tiles inpsired by sand dunes for incomparable texture.Available in 3 colors.

Warm up your outdoor space and bask in desert and dune-inspired outdoor décor. Weave southern elements into the landscape; rock garden browns and sun-bleached greys as outdoor flooring blend beautifully into rich, sunset hues. Don’t let a small space deter you from creating your own, private R&R retreat; pretty it up with stunning succulents, wicker seating and vibrant wall features.


Featured products

  • cobblestone paver Valet Basalt pavés01079 2760
  • Valet Paver Onyx Black
Traditional highly-textured square cobblestone driveway pavers.

You start your day with a steamy cappuccino, and end it gathered around the dinner table, family-style. You surround yourself with textures, patterns and contrasts inspired from European style villas. The charm of cobblestones brings you one step closer to  the Mediterranean esthetic you crave. Go bold or go home with this modern take on a classic cobblestone.

Bistro Style

Featured products

  • retaining wall blocks Graphix muret 01079 2366
  • Graphix Wall Greyed Nickel
Garden & Retaining Walls
Ultra-modern retaining wall with a double-sided texture to build outdoor bars, fountains and free-st anding walls. ... See More Read Less

  • patio paver slabs Industria Polished Slabs dalle de patio 01079 2276
  • Industria 600 Polished Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Industria Polished
Multi-piece patio stone with a polished finish to expose the aggregates within for added visual appe al. ... See More Read Less

Sometimes the best things really do come in small packages. Turn a small backyard into the chicest little courtyard. Keep it intimate with an eye-catching privacy wall for visual interest, stunning water features and gorgeous, lush flower beds. Add a sophisticated bistro set for the ultimate reading corner on intimate outdoor dining area.