Rustic Landscaping Ideas

Design Elements
Color PaletWarm earth tones
ShapesMixing various shapes for an organic feel
TexturesNatural finish, wood, aged
Add-onsString lights, fire pits

There’s nothing in the world that compares with the beauty of the great outdoors, but with a bit of imagination and some earthy inspiration, you can kindle a spark of that one-of-a-kind grandeur right in your own backyard. When paying homage to nature’s finest elements, texture is king. Rough-hewn finishes convey a raw beauty that’s complemented by sculpted stones and remarkably wood lookalike textures. An earth-toned palette feels warm, welcoming and timeless, and gives the collection of textures free reign to run a little wild.

Kitchen comforts

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Nothing embodies rustic like the raw texture of wood. The Borealis concrete patio stone pushes the envelope on traditional landscapes by capturing the look & feel of real wood without the inevitable rotting effect. Building kitchen features like open-air grill islands, counters and pizza ovens with textured wall blocks that build better than natural stone, lets you entertain family and friends all summer long, for years to come. Nestling an outdoor kitchen amid greenery creates the ultimate rustic outdoor setting.

Curb appeal


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Hang a welcome sign of a different kind with a standout paving treatment that adds value to your home. Doing so will create a warm welcome, add a touch of rustic charm to your front path and boost curb appeal. Wood’s good but with maintenance-free Borealis slab you can bet on a wood-like look that stands the test of time.  

Fire feature

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The centerpiece of any rustic style is typically its large, welcoming fireplace. Even without a mountainside escape or lakefront log cabin, you can still pay homage to the great outdoors. Using wall blocks or masonry veneers that match your other outdoor features, you can build a custom outdoor fireplace to turn your backyard into a dreamy, cozy outdoor sanctuary.

Echoing the indoors

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Summers may be short but the days are long. Extend them even further and by building  a magical, multi-season outdoor living space for entertaining at its best. Be sure to include plenty of lounge seating with comfy couches and an oversized, stone fireplace for a stunning focal point. Add soft lighting and a natural, wood privacy wall for the ultimate cozy setting.

Family-style dining

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Sharing the warm beauty of dining outdoors among friends and family is best served with a side of nature’s more neutral tones. Think soft and muted-colored stones that emulate the great outdoors and are evocative of Mother Nature’s earthiest masterpieces. Create cozy, one-of-a-kind summer nights spent dining alfresco with family nestled in rustic charm.

Summertime seating

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After a spectacular summer's day, there’s something so magical about cozying up outdoors with loved ones around an open fire. Paired with plenty of stunning stone and Adirondack-style seating, the stage is set for a night of storytelling and S’mores.

Take on rustic with smooth & natural shapes

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Create an outdoor playground that embraces a flow and functionality that invites relaxed entertaining without compromising that wow-factor.  Warm and welcoming with just a touch of sleek edginess has never looked this good. The key to modern, rustic charm is in the details; smooth, uncluttered textures, light and natural color palettes and plenty of gorgeous elements to enjoy your exterior space.