Traditional Landscaping Ideas

Design Elements
Color PaletClassic earth tones
ShapesClean and conservative
TexturesSmooth, Polished, HD2
Add-onsGarden wall, Water feature

Timeless beauty at its best. At the heart of it all, traditionalism is about embracing an orderly and classic sensibility. It’s about honoring the past without compromising comfort, warmth, and, yes, style. Conservative color choices, subdued textures and staple backyard style ensure your great outdoors will stand the test of time.

Beige doesn’t have to be so beige

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It’s plain to see how easy it can be to embrace the beauty of beige. Treated with a keen eye and a wink towards tasteful accessorizing, off-white clearly feels anything but vanilla. It’s the sublimely neutral canvas that gives the décor connoisseurs carte blanche to introduce, edit and change every other accessory and furnishing, should the mood strike. Go ahead and get a little creative with accentuating features – with dreamy cream as your base, you’ll never feel weighed down.

Small space, big ideas

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When dreams for your own outdoor getaway outsize the size of your backyard, don’t despair; it is possible to turn your patio into the perfect place for living large. Using smaller cobblestone-like pavers amongst larger stone slabs will give patios the illusion of space and help create distinct functionalities. Creatively choose features scaled to size, such as a garden fountain as a water-feature and a curtained pergola for added privacy to nestle in all summer long.

Elegant English garden

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The English Garden creates the ideal balance between carefree greenery and stately traditionalism. It’s all about creating formal spaces that are also fully functional. Using stones that mimic the veining of natural slate alongside blooming flower beds brings to life the quintessential elegant and classic landscape.

Dining at its finest

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Set the scene for outdoor dining all season long and get the most out of your backyard. Multi-level living areas that combine an upper cooking space with lower-level lounging create the perfect setting for relaxed outdoor dining. Nestling the open-air kitchen area close to the house is an ideal location for ease of use and ensures you don’t miss a moment with your guests.  

Fireplace Round-Up

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Extend the summer months by giving your guests something warm and cozy to gather around. A classic round fireplace transcends time and remains forever a staple focal point for creating a traditional and elegant outdoor entertainment area. Sit pretty with friends and family with ample seating and soft cushions flanked around a classic and circular stone fireplace.