When night falls, illuminate with elegance and keep the mood bright with the irresistible allure of a sprinkling of lights.

Place modern lights along a path to guide the way, or bring that starry night sky down to ground level with a constellation of diamond inlays. To inject an element of surprise, arrange some lighting cleverly on a wall — and watch it transform into a work of art by night. Check out in-lite Outdoor Lighting for all your landscape lighting needs.

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Guide your guests in style

Glam up your journey from front to back yard by trading in traditional path lights for strategically placed modern lights. The unique light produced by the in-lite ACE creates dreamy shadows that add dimension to your design, turning your walkway pavers into a catwalk-worthy runway.



Illuminating Landscapes

Elevate your backyard patio and overall landscape design with a sleek and timeless outdoor lighting pattern that mimics your mosaics at ground level. The ACE UP-DOWN by in-lite marries up lighting and downlighting perfectly, creating a diamond effect that will turn any wall into a work of art by night.

The sky beneath your feet

Leave behind the expected style of outdoor lighting by bringing a piece of the starry night sky to ground level with in-lite FUSION 22. This small yet refined fixture creates a breathtakingly beautiful diamond-like glow that will have you feeling like you’re walking on cloud 9. Integrate them into your walkway, stone steps or driveway pavers and watch the sky illuminate at your feet.


Discover the endless possibilities created with in-lite outdoor lighting

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