Try this on for size 

From larger than life to small and subtle and every size in between, there’s a stone that fits your scene. Mix and match to max the impact. 

Big little beauty. Perfectly placed mini pavers turn a simple slab layout into something spectacular. Our Squadra mini-cube paver pairs seamlessly with larger slabs for a contemporary look that makes a large statement at ground level.


Para 500x500 HD2 Smooth in Beige Cream paired with Squadra in Onyx Black



What makes this pattern so striking? We did the math and it’s a perfect fit: the large stones are as wide as the small ones are long. Available in three different sizes and colors, Para is a large-scale patio slab with an ultra-smooth finish, providing contemporary styling and design flexibility for your creative needs. 


Para 500x750 HD2 Smooth in Greyed Nickel paired with Para 250x500 HD2 Smooth 
in Onyx Black

Make a no-holds-barred statement with slim and linear pavers that create gentle movement when set against large stones. Bringing a contemporary feel to rustic or traditional designs, our Westmount paver works perfectly as an accent in large landscape designs. Its clean and simple lines will bring flair and definition to any landscape renovation project. 


Industria 600x600 in Shale Grey paired with Westmount in Shale Grey & Onyx Black



Have an affection for a particular collection? Clever combos of size and color in the same stone are a clean way to keep the story consistent while showcasing a little creativityOur Industria pavers offer over 50 scale and color combinations, making it a popular choice for landscape designs of all styles. 


Industria HD2 Smooth, 600x300 in Greyed Nickel, 600x200 in Shale Grey, 600x100 & 
300x150 in Onyx Black

Basket of tricks. The under-over ‘weaving’ of the long, narrow stones punctuated with smaller contrasting squares is hypnotically stylish. Whether you use it for your poolside, front porch, deck, or patio, our Borealis slab brings the appealing esthetics of natural wood to your backyard in a weather-proof, maintenance-free way. 

Borealis 30x10 in Hazelnut Brandy 
and Smoked Pine



It’s hip to be square. Make a no-holds barred statement with a bold combo of contrasting stone colors and squares that play on size. Inspired by European cobblestone streets, our mini square Squadra paver will bring a traditional touch to any modern landscape design. 


Squadra in Shale Grey & Onyx Black

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