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Pool Coping & Wall Caps






Looking for a natural limestone imitation that stands better to chlorine and salt-water? When you have a lot of texture going on in your outdoor space, Piedimonte pool coping and wall cap comes in as the beautiful but simple addition. This natural stone imitation for pool copings and wall caps is designed for use as outdoor step treads, pool copings, wall caps and pillar caps. Piedimonte calms and harmonizes surrounding multi-textured Techo-Bloc products, adding definition and quiet sophistication to the environment. Additionally, this coping boasts our newest Klean-Bloc technology for added protection against stains, scratches and color fading.


  • Modern
  • Traditional


  • Step
  • Wall Single-Sided
  • Wall Double-Sided
  • Pool Coping
  • Counter Top
  • Pillar
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