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Raffinato Smooth Commercial

Raffinato Smooth Commercial




Our Raffinato wall cap is suitable for a multitude of applications. Other than its obvious use as a wall cap, this 14 x 28” concrete unit is great for steps and landings, as a pool coping, a modern stepping stone, a pillar cap, and even as a patio slab. Using the Raffinato cap in conjunction with the other building blocks from the Raffinato collection (modular step unit, wall blocks, and edges) will give your project a cohesive and refined look. As a slab, the Raffinato cap is a prime candidate for pedestal and rooftop applications. Its elegant 2:1 length-to-width ratio makes it great for linear, parquet, and herringbone patterns. For maximum design versatility, this smooth slab is available in two different thicknesses and a 7-color palette. While the slimmer format (Raffinato Cap 60 mm) is optimal for use as a pool coping or as a slab in a rooftop application, the thicker size (Raffinato Cap 90 mm) looks better on bigger walls and is best suited to tackle heavily-used pedestrian spaces at ground level. This product’s broad color palette gives it the ability to blend into any project’s style, whether more traditional or modern. When used on a rooftop patio, colors with a higher solar reflectance index — such as Beige Cream and Greyed Nickel — will help keep the building cool below. Like all Raffinato products, the Raffinato cap is de-icing salt resistant and a durable solution for all industrial, institutional or commercial hardscape projects.


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