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Commercial Pavers

Antika Commercial

Antika Commercial




Antika is truly unique. Its uncommon characteristics give it an organic and rustic style and make it suitable for projects where no other paver would do. Its irregular shape makes it adaptable to narrow, odd spaces without the need for cuts, acting as a sort of hardscape “filler”. That being said, there is no “one way” to install Antika. It has been used over large surfaces in park settings, as an inlay or soldier course to frame other pavers, and even as a way to integrate large flowing curves into hardscape projects. This small paver is easy to install and can also be molded into fan or fish scale patterns. The large joints created by the random orientation of each cobblestone are ideal for permeable applications, whether over large surfaces or as a drainage strip — think of a permeable “river” of Antika flowing through your project. This small paver’s playfulness, organic look, and permeable capabilities make it one of our favorites when it comes to playgrounds, water-play areas, and nature-oriented projects. Our only round paver is de-icing salt resistant and meets ASTM requirements. No matter how you choose to use Antika, we guarantee that it is a durable solution for any pedestrian commercial, institutional or industrial landscape project.


  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Modern


  • Pedestrian Only

Layout Possibilities

  • Random laying pattern 01 for Antika pavers

    Random laying pattern 01 for Antika pavers

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