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Commercial Pavers

Hexa 100 Commercial

Hexa 100 Commercial




Techo-Bloc has modernized the traditional hexagonal paver and brought it into the 21st century. Hexa’s uncommon angles and elongated shape offer a fresh new take on this popular classic. Unlike most other pavers, Hexa has no right angles, making it great for designers looking to give a more organic, flowing feel to their project. While its broad color palette is often used to create color gradients and randomized patterns, Hexa can be structured into more straightforward, symmetrical mosaics. Whether you choose to create a flowing or rigid, high-contrast motif, this large paver’s repetitive joint pattern and smooth texture ensure a cohesive and tasteful look. This product comes in two different thicknesses: a 60 mm slab and a 100 mm paver, to allow you maximum design flexibility. While the slab is perfect for pedestrian spaces, the paver’s extra thickness gives it the necessary strength to take on vehicular traffic. Hexa’s smooth texture makes it ADA compliant, while its HD2 finish makes it more resistant to stains, scratches, and UV rays, making it a long-lasting option for any commercial, industrial or institutional project. From restaurant patios to urban plazas, Hexa’s modern geometric look is a great choice for both small and large spaces.


* All colors are made to order, minimum order of 1000 sq.ft. Deposit required.


  • Modern


  • Pedestrian Only
  • Pedestrian Plaza
  • Parking Lot

Layout Possibilities

  • Hexagon laying pattern 01 for Hexa

    Hexagon laying pattern 01 for Hexa

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