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Commercial Pavers

Hydra Commercial

Hydra Commercial




Looking for a heavy-duty, permeable, stylish paver? We’ve got you covered. Hydra was designed with resilience in mind to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. A staple of sustainable design, permeable pavers allow for the infiltration of stormwater at the source, reducing sewage network overload and allowing water to be filtered by the paver’s aggregate foundation before percolating back to the aquifer. Permeable pavers come with the added benefit of melting ice and snow and draining it away quickly, reducing the need for snow removal (and the gas and de-icing salts that go along with it). This eco-friendly solution will help you meet municipal requirements, LEED sustainability goals, and — most importantly — to play a responsible part in stormwater runoff reduction. That being said, for a project to be deemed truly sustainable, permeability is not the only criteria; the project must be durable and stand the test of time. That is why Hydra is 100 mm thick, de-icing salt resistant, and designed to have a 3:1 aspect ratio, making it ultra-hardy and able to withstand serious vehicular traffic. You would think all these technical constraints would take a toll on this large paver’s look, but Hydra requires no compromise. Its smooth surface makes for a clean, modern look, and its joints are narrow enough to remain ADA compliant. One last bonus — Hydra can be mechanically installed using a clamp supplied by Techo-Bloc to increase installation productivity from 1000 square feet/day (for a crew of five) to 6000 square feet/day/clamp.


  • Modern


  • Pedestrian Only
  • Pedestrian Plaza
  • Parking Lot
  • Secondary Street

Layout Possibilities

  • Linear laying pattern 01 for Hydra

    Linear laying pattern 01 for Hydra

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