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Commercial Pavers

Linea Commercial

Linea Commercial




Linea is a staple of modern linear landscapes. This elegant “plank paver” is a grouping of three formats that come in two different widths to fit the specific needs of your project. Unlike one-size-fits-all linear pavers, Linea’s varied lengths add visual interest make it more resistant as a flexible pavement application and allow it to better support vehicular traffic. These smooth pavers come in two widths: “small rectangles”, for a sharper, finely-textured look, and the extra heavy-duty “large rectangles” for bigger, heavily used spaces. Both formats are 100 mm thick and can be combined to give a sleek, contemporary look to any restaurant patio, plaza, or urban park. Here’s an insider secret — Linea is perfectly compatible with the Industria collection and can be paired with even more linear formats that offer additional colors and textures. Industria and Linea even share the same slim joints that architects love. These slim joints, along with Linea’s smooth surface, make this family of large pavers ADA compliant. Expressly designed for commercial, institutional and industrial projects in harsh climates, Linea is made to last. This interlocking paver system is de-icing salt resistant and meets ASTM requirements, for a durable and worry-free modern look.


  • Modern


  • Pedestrian Only
  • Pedestrian Plaza
  • Parking Lot

Layout Possibilities

  • Linear laying pattern 03 for Linea pavers 100 & 150

    Linear laying pattern 03 52% large rectangles | 48% small rectangles

  • Linear laying pattern 01 for Linea pavers 100

    Linear laying pattern 01 100% small rectangles

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