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Commercial Pavers

Pure Commercial

Pure Commercial




Pure is a modern solution with a traditional look. This large paver is shaped like a natural stone block to match more rustic environments but is very much future-oriented. Pure is a permeable paver, meaning that it lets rainwater seep through its joints and onto its aggregate foundation, where it is filtered before percolating back into the subgrade. On a larger scale, this helps diminish the dumping of pollutants into local waterways when the sewer system becomes overwhelmed by heavy rainfall, replenish underground water resources, and mitigate flooding. This eco-friendly paver can help your project meet municipal requirements, achieve LEED certification, and help you play your part in building a sustainable future through responsible stormwater management practices. Permeable pavement is also known for its ability to drain away melted ice and snow before it can refreeze, reducing the need for snow removal (and the gas and de-icing salts that go along with it). Environmental benefits aside, Pure can be laid out into three different linear and herringbone patterns to match the stylistic needs of your project. This interlocking paver is de-icing salt resistant, and appropriate for spaces with vehicular traffic such as parking lots and driveways. All these attributes make Pure a durable and responsible option for any commercial, institutional or industrial hardscape.


  • Traditional
  • Rustic


  • Pedestrian Only
  • Pedestrian Plaza
  • Parking Lot

Layout Possibilities

  • Linear laying pattern 01 for Pure pavers

    Linear laying pattern 01 for Pure pavers

  • Herringbone laying pattern 02 for Pure pavers

    Herringbone laying pattern 02 for Pure pavers

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