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Commercial Patio Slabs

Hexa 60 Commercial

Hexa 60 Commercial




Popular through the ages, from the historic neighborhoods of Atlanta to Gaudi’s Barcelona, the traditional hexagonal paver has been modernized to fit the tastes of the 21st century. Hexa’s unique shape among pavers is great for counterbalancing the strict linearity of many contemporary spaces. Couple this with its harmonious color palette and you have a strong contender for any project requiring a more organic, flowing look. Although often used to create randomized color gradients, this elongated hexagon can also be fashioned into stricter, symmetrical, more organized patterns according to the designer’s intent. Whether you limit yourself to one tone or are looking for a project high in contrast, Hexa’s pristine HD2 Smooth finish and repetitive joint pattern ensure a cohesive and tasteful look. This smooth slab’s characteristics make it suitable for all types of commercial, institutional, industrial, or residential projects within the unforgiving urban environment: this product is de-icing salt resistant, ADA compliant, and available in two thicknesses, both as a slab (Hexa 60) and a paver (Hexa 100) to meet the needs of both pedestrian and vehicle-oriented spaces. Hexa is sure to give any project, whether it be a park, plaza, patio, or parking lot, a modern, distinctive and memorable look. 


  • Modern


  • Pedestrian Only

Layout Possibilities

  • Hexagon laying pattern 01 for Hexa

    Hexagon laying pattern 01 for Hexa

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