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Commercial Garden & Retaining Walls

GForce Commercial

GForce Commercial




G-Force is a simple and straightforward gravity retaining wall system. A product of thoughtful design, G-Force sports clean, precise chamfers, and a smooth texture for a discrete modern look. This interlocking retaining wall system is available in different shades of grey and brown to match the stylistic needs of your project. Its large blocks can be built into pillars and straight or curved walls. G-Force is an inclined wall system, with each row of blocks providing a slight setback from the previous row for increased stability. Their hollow core makes them lightweight and easy to install, while also providing added resistance to horizontal movement once filled with the appropriate aggregate. Efficiency has been built into every aspect of these segmental wall blocks. The front face of each block is equal to one square foot, making the required quantities easy to estimate. G-Force pairs well with modern wall caps, such as the Raffinato cap, for a smooth, matching texture or with the Graphix cap, with its split-faced edge for added contrast. G-Force is de-icing salt resistant, and its smooth, clean lines are a sure fit within contemporary urban environments. This retaining wall system is an elegant and durable material to accommodate grade changes in commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.


  • Modern
  • Traditional


  • Decorative Wall
  • Patio & Terrace
  • Garden
  • Outdoor Water Feature
  • Outdoor Fire Feature

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