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Commercial Garden & Retaining Walls

Graphix Commercial

Graphix Commercial




This iconic and ultra-modern take on ledge stones is unique to Techo-Bloc. A favorite amongst designers looking for some visual punch, Graphix is visually complex while remaining tasteful and easy to install. These interlocking retaining wall blocks are all the same height but come in a variety of widths to add visual depth and interest to the final product. A hidden system of grooves and connectors at the wall’s core ensures that each piece is properly offset for that classic Graphix look, without having to think too much about it. Each pallet comes with smooth and split-faced pieces for a little contrast. A completely smooth wall can be achieved by flipping the split-faced pieces if you are designing a single-sided wall, allowing for some customization and versatility. The Graphix gravity wall system can be built as a freestanding or retaining wall in both vertical and inclined configurations. These charismatic wall blocks are sure to charm in hotels, resorts, residential developments, and commercial applications where a little visual distinction and luxury are required. Graphix makes for some great seating walls, elevated planting beds, pillars, water features, fire pits, outdoor counters, and blade walls — the only limit is your imagination. These blocks are de-icing salt resistant for extra hardiness within contemporary urban environments.


  • Modern
  • Traditional


  • Decorative Wall
  • Patio & Terrace
  • Garden
  • Outdoor Water Feature
  • Outdoor Fire Feature
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