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Raffinato Smooth Commercial

Raffinato Smooth Commercial




The Raffinato wall is perhaps Techo-Bloc’s most aesthetically versatile segmental retaining wall system. Raffinato’s ultra-modern blocks come in two different heights (90 & 180 mm, palletized separately), three solid colors, and two textures — smooth and polished. Combine both sizes on the same row to form modular motifs, stack them into separate rows to create a linear pattern with a twist, or use just one format for a linear, running-bond pattern. These blocks are double-sided, making them appropriate for both freestanding blade walls and retaining gravity walls. The Raffinato interlocking wall blocks can be installed in a completely vertical application to reinforce their modern look, or as an inclined wall for added resistance. This product can be fashioned into a straight or curved segmental retaining wall. Raffinato’s smooth surfaces and iconic chamfers are also available as a wall cap/slab and a large step module, giving you all the tools to create a cohesive look for your commercial patio or plaza. Raffinato’s retaining wall blocks can be combined with wall caps to create steps, seating walls, pillars, or elevated terraces. Design a custom fire feature or outdoor bar to bring warmth and life to hotel and restaurant patios. These large blocks also make for some great, modern edges around paved walkways and planting beds, without the need to pour concrete on site. Like all products within the Raffinato collection, these wall blocks are de-icing salt resistant and a durable solution for any commercial, institutional, or industrial hardscape project.


  • Modern


  • Decorative Wall
  • Patio & Terrace
  • Garden
  • Outdoor Water Feature
  • Outdoor Fire Feature
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