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Commercial Garden & Retaining Walls

Skyscraper Commercial

Skyscraper Commercial




Skyscraper’s name speaks for itself. These interlocking retaining wall blocks are absolutely massive. Their sheer size and weight provide this gravity wall system with enough stability to eliminate the need for geogrids or any form of additional reinforcement. This 5-block system lets you design according to your needs to build both curved or straight, vertical, or battered walls. An extender unit is available for those seeking to create extra tall vertical walls. While Skyscraper’s smooth texture is decidedly modern, those who want to create a more organic look can opt for a curved installation and Chestnut Brown’s earthy tone. These behemoths require mechanical installation but are easy to maneuver into place thanks to a lifting key that locks into a specialized cavity on each block. The blocks are held in place by their immense weight, one of two types of locking concrete connectors (according to the type of installation), and the aggregates used to fill their core. Their huge size makes them appropriate for the construction of large retaining walls in and around parks, parking lots, water retention basins, or wherever a steep grade change is required. These large heavy-duty blocks are of course de-icing salt resistant — no Achilles heel there. Skyscraper is a versatile segmental retaining wall solution for any commercial, institutional, or industrial earth-moving project. A massive wall for massive imaginations.


  • Modern


  • Decorative Wall
  • Patio & Terrace
  • Garden
  • Outdoor Water Feature
  • Outdoor Fire Feature

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