Designer's Toolbox

Discover the design tools that will make your next landscape project a success.

We have curated a collection of design files and guides to be used with the most popular design software, empowering you to create projects quickly and easily.

Mosaics Guide

Discover the design possibilities using our Mosaics guide. Our photo library allows you to view all colors and textures offered at Techo-Bloc in addition to facilitating the design and assembly of various products.


Get the Mosaic Guide



Autocad®Hatch Patterns Brochure

Get inspired with our many pattern possibilities, and easily determine the percentage of product needed to bring your creative visions to life.




AutoCAD®Hatch Patterns

Part of the creative process of all projects includes a technical drawing. Techo-Bloc’s hatch patterns in AutoCAD® enable the precise design and product installation of slabs and pavers.



Learn how to create Hardscape Objects using the Techo-Bloc Hardscape Resource in this popular design software.

Trimble SketchUp™️ Textures

Trimble SketchUp™️ software is accessible to everyone and facilitates the visualization of a project in a 3D environment. Various patterns can be downloaded to help combine colors and textures for each product.

3D Warehouse

Browse our diverse 3D model collection on 3D Warehouse. We have an endless supply of premade models compatible with SketchUp to help you speed up the design process. Whether you’re looking to add a fire pit, grill islands, pillars or more, we've got you covered! Download your desired feature(s) and easily add it to your drawing!

SketchUp™️ files to Realtime Landscaping™️

Learn how to add SketchUp™️ files to Realtime Landscaping™️ by downloading these files.


This CAD-based design solution enables you to produce impressive job winning landscape designs in a fraction of the time, with essential details and labels.

PRO Landscape

This easy-to-use CAD uses photo imaging to visually communicate hardscapes, lighting, plants and more. Easily create precise scaled drawings, professional proposals and 3D renderings of landscape designs.

Structure Studios

Beautiful videos, stunning images, and immersive sound – take advantage of the streamlined, innovative, easy to use 3D design software that gives you the power to present your design vision like never before. Professional landscapes, gorgeous pools, perfect hardscapes.

Knowledge base

Discover our vast library of CAD technical drawings, cross sections, and installation plans to help you bring your project to life in the easiest way possible.