Terms and Condition of Sale


All payments will be captured at the time of checkout including applicable taxes and delivery fees calculated based on the “Ship to” location. Any purchases will be payable immediately and charged to the Client’s credit card.

Modification and cancellation

No modification of orders will be accepted once the payment has been captured on the client’s credit card. All order cancellations will entail a fee equivalent to 4% of the initial order.  


  1. Your local Techo-Bloc sales representative will deliver the product to the “Ship to” location within 15 business days.
  2. The Client or a representative of the client must be present at the time of delivery.


Returns and exchanges will not be accepted.


  1. Items not for resale.
  2. Sample booklets and travel case are not covered by Techo-Bloc warranty.
  3. In event of damaged product upon reception, you may contact your local Techo-Bloc sales representative for replacement.
  4. Any claims arising from this agreement or any ancillary agreements between the parties here shall be filed and heard in the judicial district of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada and governed by the Laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada, or the state of Pennsylvania, USA and governed by the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania, USA.