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Designing Outdoor Spaces for a Post-COVID World

Outdoor public spaces have undergone a transformation as of late. With citizens staying indoors and everyone keeping their distance, post-COVID public space design is on every landscape architect’s mind. Design philosophy has changed, and architects are now embracing creativity in adapting during a pandemic and in a post-pandemic world.




The Impact of Landscape Architecture in LEED Certification and Sustainability

When most commercial project stakeholders think about building certifications, they tend to reference LEED, and with good reason. Since its inception in 2005, LEED has become one of the most widely used green building rating systems in the world. What may surprise some commercial and landscape architects is that the exterior design of a commercial space can help a project gain LEED accreditation and/or reach the project's sustainability goals.


5 Ways to Maximize Small Outdoor Commercial Spaces

Small outdoor spaces frequently present unique challenges for commercial building owners, designers and architects. However, as the recent pandemic proved, outdoor spaces can be essential to maintaining a business. Previously unused areas such as courtyards, alleyways and rooftops can give businesses more usable square footage — and with a little ingenuity and planning, innovative landscape architects can provide clients with charming areas that customers will love.




The Commercial Pavers Winter Survival Guide

Landscape Architects designing outdoor spaces for freezing climates have specific challenges to consider when they’re selecting building materials. Dealing with freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing agents can cause a few (potentially costly) headaches, so it helps to be strategic when designing these types of projects. Taking precautions and choosing the right products will protect your outdoor design, even when snow and ice threaten the durability of that space.