Honoring a Legacy: Customized Exterior Design for the Montreal Canadiens


In 2015, the Montreal Canadiens hockey team announced it would be closing down its Hall of Fame in the Bell Centre to make way for a “new tribute” to the team and its history. The renovations to the sports and entertainment complex included a redesigned plaza and new courtyard.


The 80,000 square foot public space is located in downtown Montreal and shared by the Tour Deloitte, a high-rise commercial tower, and Windsor Station, a National Historic Site of Canada.


Accommodating Design in a High-Traffic Public Space


The designers needed to provide a durable paving solution for the project since the space would attract a large number of visitors and would have to stand up to Montreal’s harsh weather conditions.


Heavy snow and rain throughout the year can wear on any exterior paving product, so designers needed a solution that could withstand Montreal’s climate for a long time to come, including the de-icing salt needed in harsh winters.


The high-traffic area is also subjected to frequent pressure washing to maintain the courtyard’s appearance.


The high-profile project also required a design that honored the rich tradition and history of the Canadiens’ hockey team, as a tribute to the sport and its fans.

Upholding Tradition with Durable Solutions


The designer selected the Industria paver from Techo-Bloc, offering the client a customizable, versatile solution that would stand up to tourist traffic and severe conditions over time.

The precast concrete paving stones from Techo-Bloc are manufactured to exceed all applicable industry standards resulting in an exceptionally high-density, low-porosity concrete. This, combined with a reduced chamfer on the pavers and tight joint-spacing,  helped assure the project designer that the public space would hold up to de-icing salt in the winter and to high-pressure washing all year round.

The Industria product is also highly versatile, and designers were able to incorporate multiple sizes, textures and color options for a rich, dynamic exterior design. A custom red was created for the pavers for this project, a nod to the beloved Canadiens’ team, and installed in the shape of the team’s logo.

A section of the custom red pavers was also engraved with the names and words of fans of the Canadiens hockey club. These fans purchased pavers prior to the construction of the Centennial Plaza in 2009, and the client didn’t want their words lost when the previous clay pavers failed. Techo-Bloc was able to work with a local engraver to have their words preserved and weather-proofed, thanks to the durability of the Industria pavers.

Finally, a combination of the Smooth and Granitex finishes offered in the 100mm product collection were used in a unique pattern to evoke images of the train tracks leading to Windsor Station decades ago.


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