Landscaping Contractor in Pickering

Do you desire a quality exterior? Discover what a landscaping contractor can do for you. Techo-Bloc is known for its good quality products, but did you know we also have a number of landscaping contractors in Pickering? Let us tell you more about this service.

Why would you need a Landscaping Contractor in Pickering?

Do you want to renovate your exterior? Call on a trusted professional who will put his skills at your service in multiple areas:

  •     terrace design and installation
  •     design and construction of swimming pools and basins
  •     development and upkeep of green spaces
  •     development of trails
  •     Driveway design and installation

Whether you are an individual, a professional or a large company, by having recourse to a landscaping contractor, you avoid all the hassles that this type of work entails. By supervising the site from A to Z, the landscaping contractor will ensure a well-made work that meets the standards in force, satisfaction guaranteed!


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Landscaping Contractor in Pickering: committed to a quality approach

After developing a tailor-made project that meets all your expectations, your entrepreneur will mobilize skilled craftsmen and quality materials.

As a real site coordinator, he supervises teams of experienced workers in exterior design, chosen by him. And regarding the materials used, he will offer you the best ranges of prices, with the best value for money.

Techo-Bloc products:

In Pickering, landscaping contractors regularly buy from nearby Techo-Bloc dealers (Whitby, Toronto, Markham, etc.).

Indeed, whether you are looking for a modern, exotic or even rustic exterior, we offer ranges of quality products and for all styles :

  •     Fireplaces and outdoor kitchens
  •     Paving and cobblestones
  •     Stones and garden edges
  •     Garden and retaining walls
  •     Stone steps and stairs
  •     Masonry, bricks and stones

Our HD² technology makes our pavers more resistant than the industrial standard. Also, their ecological and economical coating allow us to offer a range of high quality products, much sought after by individuals and professionals.

Thus, the quality of our materials, combined with the competence of our outdoor landscaping contractors, offer you many possibilities in the realization of your exteriors. Do not hesitate to contact a professional!

Pavers & Slabs

Installing pavers and slabs as part of your yard’s landscape can transform your space from basic to an outdoor oasis. From pathways and patios to driveways and pool sides, find the design and products that accentuate your home.

Top Selling Products:


Retaining Walls

Make a statement and add some dimension to your yard. From impressive flowerbed frames, seating benches, fire features and much more. Retaining walls provide a visual interest whichever way you decide to incorporate them.   

Top Selling Products:

Fire Pits

Transform your outdoor space into a hub for gatherings with the warmth and charm of our fire pits. Think about the cozy evenings you could spend around a fire pit, complemented by a well-designed outdoor seating area.      

Top Selling Products: