2020 Landscaping Trends


2020 Landscaping Lookbook

From pool to patio, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to take your outdoor space to the next level. We’ve curated the best design ideas for your next landscaping project that will be sure to wow even the toughest of critics!

Design with colors

Show your true colors. Take cues from your home’s exterior to create mixed, matched, or contrasting color statements at ground level.



Design with Scale

From larger than life to small and subtle and every size in between, there’s a stone that fits your scene. Mix and match to max the impact.

Design with Texture

Our tempting textures are undoubtedly eye candy, but you'll find they're also a treat for your hands and feet.



Design Playground: Mix & Match

Shapes and colors. Scales and proportions. Materials and finishes. This is where every element comes to play in a perfectly orchestrated game of style mastery.