Pavers In Quebec

Techo-Bloc: Quality Paving in Quebec 

If you live in Quebec and are looking for paving stones for your landscaping, our collection of slabs and pavers will meet your requirements. Specially designed to enhance the charm of your Quebec home, our products offer an aesthetic and functional solution. Whether it's beautifying your landscaping in the Quebec region or creating a welcoming outdoor space, our offerings are perfectly suited to all your outdoor landscaping needs. 

Pavers Designed for Your Needs 

At Techo-Bloc, find a wide selection of paving products specially adapted to the Quebec region. Our collection of patio pavers and slabs includes: 

Paver driveway 

Techo-Bloc driveway entrance pavers are designed to defy the elements and withstand the test of time, perfect for homes in the Quebec region and the harsh conditions of seasonal changes. Combining elegance and robustness, these pavers give your outdoor space a professional look while providing a solid and durable parking surface. With their interlocking patterns optimizing resistance and surfaces treated to withstand salt, Techo-Bloc pavers meet all requirements. 

Paver stone patios 

Looking for an outdoor space that stands out, whether for entertaining, relaxing, or enjoying an outdoor meal? Techo-Bloc patio pavers and slabs emerge as the landscaping solution choice for Quebec residents. With a variety of designs and colors, even in plain pavers, our patio pavers and slabs will adapt to all imaginable house styles and layouts. 

Permeable Pavers 

Featuring innovative designs, our permeable pavers sold in Quebec promote percolation, limiting the risk of puddles and flooding, while speeding up snow and ice thawing. Installing these permeable pavers in Quebec allows for effective stormwater management, offering an ecological and economical drainage solution in your front yard landscaping. 

Landscaping Supply Store in the Quebec Region 

Quebec landscaping contractors are ready to offer their services. 

Whether you are in Quebec, Levis, Sainte-Foy, or even Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, choosing a professional landscaper in Quebec will without a doubt accelerate the completion of your outdoor landscaping projects by offering you a range of expert services such as: 

  • Patio installation/design 
  • Swimming pool construction 
  • Pathway and walkway installation 
  • General landscaping maintenance 
  • Hardscaping construction 
  • Landscaping architecture and design services 

These experts can also guide you in optimizing the use of our plain pavers and any other paving concept. Although this involves an additional cost, it is a wise investment, as a reputable professional landscaper in Quebec will not only guide you but also help minimize the risks of property damage or improper installations. 

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Pavers and Slabs in Quebec 

The installation of pavers and slabs in Quebec has the power to transform your outdoor space into a personalized oasis. Whether you're looking for the perfect covering for your parking area, driveway, pool perimeter, or other landscaping features, our products will enhance the splendor of your home. 

Retaining Walls 

Add a touch of style and elegance to your outdoor space in Quebec. Whether it's flower beds, outdoor benches, custom fireplaces, or other elements, our retaining wall products blend seamlessly with your property's style, offering a unique design that suits you. 

Outdoor Accessories 

Your grill is the centerpiece of outdoor activities. Whether it's hot summer days by the pool with the kids or boozy dinners with friends, integrating an outdoor kitchen and fireplace into your Quebec landscaping is the perfect addition. 

Pavers & Slabs

Installing pavers and slabs as part of your yard’s landscape can transform your space from basic to an outdoor oasis. From pathways and patios to driveways and pool sides, find the design and products that accentuate your home.

Top Selling Products:


Retaining Walls

Make a statement and add some dimension to your yard. From impressive flowerbed frames, seating benches, fire features and much more. Retaining walls provide a visual interest whichever way you decide to incorporate them.   

Top Selling Products:

Fire Pits

Transform your outdoor space into a hub for gatherings with the warmth and charm of our fire pits. Think about the cozy evenings you could spend around a fire pit, complemented by a well-designed outdoor seating area.      

Top Selling Products: