Techo-Bloc Slabs

We offer an assortment of beautiful patio and stone paving slabs that are suitable for any outdoor space and are sure to make a lasting impression and add value to your home. Browse our collections by clicking on the pictures below and find the design and style that perfectly matches the vision you have for your outdoor living area!

Make a big impression. Techo-Bloc’s oversized concrete tiles add a luxury and richness rarely ever achieved with outdoor concrete paving slabs. Add an eye-catching element with patio slabs, create romantic garden walkways, and highlight and outline entertainment areas. Our slabs are designed for light pedestrian traffic and are not suitable for vehicular traffic. Techo-Bloc paving slabs are available in a variety of textures and colors to coordinate with all other Techo-Bloc product lines, offering you the possibility to colour-coordinate or mix and match in a way that is easy and always pleasing to the eye.