Backyard Planning Guide

How to plan a backyard landscape renovation

Tips on how to plan for a backyard landscape renovation

    • 1. Define your purpose

Will you be using your outdoor space to get the kids outside, to relax and unwind, to host guests & entertain, or to garden? Defining the way you want to use your backyard is the first step.

    • 2. Make a wishlist

Make a wishlist of the outdoor features & spaces you want to be part of your outdoor space: Fire pit, outdoor kitchen, bar, pool, patio dining area, outdoor lounge, etc.

    • 3. Find the right landscape contractor

The homeowner-contractor relationship will be a determining factor in your project's success. Our ultimate backyard planning guide gives you where to find the right company, provides a checklist on the right questions to ask, how to evaluate and compare contractors and how to protect yourself.

    • 4. Identify challenges

Identify challenges such as lack of space, lack of privacy, drainage issues, and sun & shade areas.

    • 5. Breakdown your budget

Our ultimate guide to planning your outdoor space gives you an approximate figure of the investment of each element you wish to integrate into your landscaping so that you can analyze and determine your budget.

    • 6. Pick your budget battles

Be creative by eliminating certain features to get the project of your dreams.

    • 7. Choose your products

Determine your colour palette and materials: wooden deck, paving stones, etc.

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Backyard Planning Guide

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