Houzz Pro+

What is Houzz Pro+?

Houzz Pro+ Local marketing is a program we designed to give your firm tremendous, consistent exposure on Houzz in your key local markets.



  1. Homeowners browse images on Houzz in preparation for their next big renovation

  2. Your store’s portfolio of Techo-Bloc provided images (that you choose) are shown to upscale homeowners thousands of times a month via houzz Photo Stream and Professional Directory by capturing the user's location

  3. Get exposure thousands of times each month in:
    - the "Find a pro Banner"
    - the 4th photo listed in the stream
    - the rotating pro area at the bottom of the page

  4. Enhanced Placement in the Pro Directory under client specific category

  5. Regularly scheduled calls with your dedicated houzz.com Account Manager

  6. Detailed Analytics: which photos are most popular locally, how much traffic have we driven to your website

  7. Houzz Offers: ability to track the success of localized program by utilizing a specific coupon or offer through Houzz


  1. Your Houzz profile must identify you as an “Authorized Techo-Bloc Dealer.”

  2. Houzz profile must include a co-branded sponsored project on the profile, displaying Techo-Bloc images.

  3. Techo-Bloc logo must be displayed in sponsored photo rotation and as an Authorized Dealer Badge.

  4. You must credit Techo-Bloc Houzz profile within the “Others Who Worked on This Project” area of each project featuring Techo-Bloc.

Please note you must register to the program in order to be reimbursed for your Houzz Pro+ account. Claims that did not go through the Houzz / Techo-Bloc Co-op partnership will not be eligible for reimbursement.



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