Online Marketing

There’s really no better way to spend your marketing money.

Online advertising is drawing the best ROI for us, so we decided to share the success with our dealers.


Solidify your online presence!

Leverage online channels, like social media and search engines, to increase awareness for your store and connect with more potential customers!

Did you know that 87% of shoppers now begin product searches online? That being said, it becomes more and more crucial to be seen by your potential customers while they browse their Facebook feed or when they search on Google for products and services you can offer.

Reach your customers on their mobile devices, social media and search engines with our online advertising program!



Unlike other conventional advertising tools, you don’t have to spend millions to promote your business. Online advertising is an inexpensive way for business owners to market themselves

Quick and easy

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, online advertising allows you to launch your efforts and gain feedback quickly. In fact, once you post an online ad campaign, you start receiving qualified leads. What’s better than that?

Targeting for the customer journey

Digital advertising allows you to contact to the right people at the right time in their buyer’s journey. This increases your advertisement’s effectiveness and overall campaign success.



Get more when you do it with Techo!

Target the right people

Rather than working with independent agencies that will take months to truly understand your market, your customers and your products, work with our team. We’ll help make sure you hit the ground running!

Visibility on your return on investment

We track every conversion to ensure you see the impact of your investment. Plus, we give you complete access to your ad accounts - nothing’s hidden!

Support from our team, no extra fees

Our team of experts help you get the best results, free of charge!

How The Program Works

Discover how online advertising can transform your business for the better!


Discover our online marketing options!

Pick or customize the package that best suits your needs.

Social Media

Target geolocated audiences based on their interests and demographic characteristics on Facebook and Instagram

Search Engine

Be on top of search results on Google when your customers are looking for your products or services either on their computers or mobile devices.


Attract potential customers through social media and be on top of their search results when they are ready to buy.

Facebook only
Consulting & strategy development
Online project management
Google text ads
Facebook and Instagram ads
Retargeting ads
Weekly optimization
Monthly performance report
Facebook only
Google only
Facebook + Google

  • Implementation in 14 business days

  • Dedicate and specific landing page optimize for conversion

  • Get results 15 days after your campaign launch

    *Minimum of 2 consecutive months

Looking for something a little more tailored to your needs?

Tell us what you have in mind in terms of objectives, budget, platform, etc. and we can create a custom campaign for our premium partners like you!

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How does Google bidding work?

To be on top of search results, it depends on how much you are willing to pay for a click and your quality score, which is determined based on:
- Your click-through rate (CTR)
- The relevance of each keyword to its ad group
- The quality and relevance of your landing page
- The relevance of your ad text
- Your historical Google Ads account performance

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a type of digital marketing campaign that shows ads across the internet to people who have already visited your website on platforms they use most. The goal is to “follow” your potential customers in order to complete an online conversion, such as filling up a contact form or giving you a phone call.

How do I set-up my ad accounts and billing options?

You can download the user guide here.

How do we measure the success of this initiative?

The success of a campaign is always measured depending of your goal. What would you like to achieve? Are you seeking for more calls or you’re new on the marketing and want to be seen by as many people as possible? The metrics we will analyse are based on your campaign goal.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a campaign-specific page with just one single call to action and no website navigation. Landing pages are designed to focus on a main call to action, such as filling up a form to get a lead contact information. That’s why landing pages are the best option for increasing conversion rates.
Maintaining a website can be time consuming which is why we, at Techo-Bloc, will create a co-branded landing page to promote your ads.

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