Events at my store

Hosting a successful local event can increase foot traffic, sales, brand visibility and awareness.

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact face-to-face with customers and make valuable connections!


Raise store awareness

Create the need for outdoor products and engrain the association between your store & backyard needs in local homeowners’ minds.

Upselling potential

More foot traffic : Gives you the opportunity to upsell!

Returning clients

The more people visit your store, the more likely they are to return.


A purchase of a conversation piece (outdoor features) incites CONVERSATION about you.

Promotional Events

New Display Unveiling*

Launch your business the right way. Partner with Techo-Bloc to create a unique event that will unite all of your customers for the Grand Opening of your Display or New Location. Use Techo-Bloc’s free mail templates in order to spread the word and create the buzz your business deserves.

Mobile Showroom Event

Welcome aboard! Spread the word to your local community & contractors that you are now a authorized dealer. Invite them to see the full line of products by booking our mobile display unit & make it a party!

Tailgate Event

Thank your customers by inviting them to a unique event featuring your Techo-Bloc Display. Choose from a variety of events ranging from breakfast bbqs, lunch time gatherings, or relax in a nice happy hour setting.

Educational Events

All the educational events are in collaboration with your local 
Techo-Bloc Sales Representative


  1. A Focus on Techo-Bloc products, in applicable product category

  2. Have a Techo-Bloc Sales representative at your event

  3. Be pre-approved by Techo-Bloc to be eligible for Co-op reimbursement

Speak with your local Sales Representative to coordinate your event now!