Brand Guidelines

How to use Techo-Bloc in your marketing campaign?

In order to ensure uniformity in Techo-Bloc’s brand messaging, we’ve established some simple guidelines to follow when creating your marketing campaigns.

Logo usage

We recently updated our logo, so you’ll need to read our brand guidelines and replace your assets with the package included here.


In all logo applications, respect the safety space around the logo, equivalent to the size of the letter “O”.


When using the Techo-Bloc logo on your artwork, you must ensure that our logo is 40% larger than your logo.


Ensure a total legibility when applying our logo to a background. Make sure the logo is not partially lost on a picture.


Do not alter our logo or use old version. Keep the logo in the color provided and free of filter and effects.


Use the EPS and high resolution PNGs for transparency application. Use high resolution JPEGs for background color.


You can use the word “Techo-Bloc” in your ad but not with our wordmark. Make sure there is no “n” in the spelling.

Our color palette

Our brand should always be represented in one of our three official colors, whether it’s in print or on-screen.