No matter the topography of an outdoor project, Techo-Bloc offers a wide variety of outdoor stone steps for all applications and styles. For seekers of natural stone looks, Techo-Bloc offers an array of chiseled or aged stone steps. For those who prefer a sleek, linear and modern outdoor staircase, Techo-Bloc has concrete block steps in smooth and polished textures. Whether the landscape calls for a delicate winding staircase or a few steps to connect the levels of a patio, these structural blocks will provide a functional and aesthetic answer. For design ideas or product samples, contact us , your local stone supplier by completing the form on this page. Ask about Techo-Bloc’s outdoor step collection. If you’re looking for a local installer or landscape contractor, we can provide you with a good reference for a landscape contractor in the local area.

No matter the topography of your outdoor project, Techo-Bloc offers you a wide variety of products to build all sorts of stone steps. Whether you dream of a delicate winding outdoor stairway, envision a bold and imposing staircase built of large rockface steps or simply need a few steps to connect the different level pavilions you’ve created in your outdoor patio, Techo-Bloc has the answer.