Patios are surfaces designed for outdoor-living, entertaining, dining, and cooking. Depending on the layout of a property, a patio can be level with the home’s access or have multiple tiers. Regardless of the scope or design, patio slabs are the ideal product for light pedestrian traffic. Interlocking patio stones, pavers or blocks can also be used, and are even ideal, for certain outdoor applications. Some of Techo-Bloc’s most eye catching designs can be found in the slab collection. With varying color blends and surface textures, these durable concrete products capture the beauty of natural stone by incorporating highest quality aggregate ingredients. With many shapes, sizes, colors and textures; the only limit is the imagination. For design ideas or product samples, contact us , your local stone supplier by completing the form on this page. Ask about Techo-Bloc’s patio stones & pavers. If you’re looking for a local installer or landscape contractor, we can provide you with a good reference for a landscape contractor in the local area.