Front Yards & Driveways Landscaping Ideas

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Think outside the box

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Welcome guests with one-of-a-kind welcome mat made out of stone, by personalizing your front walkway and driveway. Custom designs are made possible with pavers of all shapes, sizes, colors and textures and to create patterns for an unforgettable, show-stopping  design.

Boost your parking real estate without compromising curves

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Designed to handle high-traffic overflow parking, this horseshoe driveway allows easy in-and-out access for homeowners who have outgrown the typical driveway size or entertain often. Matching beauty with brawn, these #1 best selling Blu pavers are permeable and de-icing salt resistant for a lifetime of visitor traffic.

Permeability meets good looks & Colonial taste

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Colorful, salt-resistant cobblestones are the perfect way to refresh a driveway and are an especially welcoming focal point when paired with traditional Colonial homes.

Linear, clean lines for a modern driveway

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Friends and family good-heartedly call you the “architecture aficionado”. You appreciate clean lines and smooth textures. You crave pristine surfaces without compromising durability. A driveway featuring large pavers that look like slabs is the perfect way to modernize your home.

Oversized Driveway needs chic, budget-friendly option

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Dreaming of transforming your oversized driveway but daunted by the scope (and price) of the project? Opt for a paving stone that provides high texture and a subtle color palette for a tasteful design that won’t clash with your home. Eva pavers are an ideal choice when facing large spaces, letting you create your own unique mix-and-match pattern of gorgeous blended colors for a low dollar/high value impact. A timeless paver, Eva’s chiseled finish and calming hues makes it a perfect choice for anyone craving long-term beauty with minimal maintenance.